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This is my first order and I'm very happy of the product. Nice and good quality!

Pong Vasquez

Ordered something and it was delivered 2 days after! The Product is awesome!

Elijah Pancho

I started ordering DLSU merchandises the past few months and I can totally say that it's beyond my expectations. The first purchase I made was the Green Archers watch, it was delivered two days after I made my purchase. Next was the hoodie, then the Lady Spikers Champs shirt, and most recent was part of the new collection which are the ANIMO shirt and the REKTIKANO shirt in the shade of moss green. They were delivered two/three days after the purchase. So far, we haven't encountered problems upon ordering within the Animo Nation website. They even reply fast. Great service, though, much appreciated. Looking forward in ordering new merchandises in the future! Animo La Salle! 💚🏹 (They even notice u on Twitter, proven and tested😉)

Christine Rose Far

Giving 6 stars if only i can! Till next purchase ♥️♥️♥️

Yvette Limpiada Labaguis

I have just received my order after 3 working days! It's so fast. Thank you so much!

Christian Grey Quinton