Animo! Keep the faith

Contributed by Alexx Esponga of Yahoo! College Hoops

We chanced on team captain Simon Atkins after last Saturday’s loss to UE, and managed to persuade him to say a few words.

Why did we lose?

“We underestimated them (UE) and became complacent,” said a disappointed Atkins in an after-game interview. “Everything’s not going well for us, we didn’t play good defense today and let them (UE) take the game away from us.”

How’s the team doing?

“We’ll forget about what happened and continue practicing hard,” he quipped. “We need to ignore the external factors that are really disturbing us and just have focus.”

“We need to play together and just start to enjoy the game again.” Atkins revealed. “A lot is talking bad about the team and some of us, the young players get affected by it but I tell them to ignore everything and just have focus.”

What does the team talk about in practice?

“No one beyond the team really knows what is happening so there is no need to mind the critiques, we just have to ignore them all and play hard basketball.”

True enough, it isn’t easy to play basketball when your support system isn’t acting very supportive at all. This does not refer only to the bench players but also to the people who have that ‘Green-blood’ too.

And some remarks from LA Revilla on supporting the team:

“We believe in our team, I hope they do also. Just continue to support the team and we’ll do our best.,” said LA Revilla.

It is not the end. The Green Archers still can prove the skeptics wrong, grab a playoff slot, and who knows, they may even go all the way! If they believe they can do well, we can, too. Animo!

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