Archers’ Chicago training updates

Here are some updates  and photos from the Green Archers’ training in Chicago from david64 of

This is the 3rd day of training and its been hard, but fun, according to the rookies. The first day we went out for lunch, but we’ve decided to just stay in the gym from now on. We bring in lunch so the boys have more time to rest afterwards. They’re all excited about shopping, and the Ipad and laptops seem to be the hottest things for the team.

Some of the NBA prospects here are expected to go in the first round, like Wesley Johnson (Syracuse) and Jerome Randall(Cal). The big guy from Kentucky also looks good, as do a couple of others whose names I did not catch. There is a 17 year old here, from Turkey who will be a freshman at Kentucky; 6’10” tall and WIDE. Maybe 1 or 2 prospects like this is what we need. This Johnson guy can really go up high.

The shooting coach is Tim Sullivan. He’s been working with Maui and also the rest of the team, and there has been a marked improvement in the shooting department. After the two weeks here, our shooting %ages from the field and the free throw line should improve-hopefully. He is on youtube, under target sullivan, I believe. Check him out.

They do weights everyday, and are working on a few other muscles that they did not know they had! BTW, those padded foam figures are about 6’10” tall, and they have their hands raised. They are used as screeners or defenders, during the shooting drills. Some of our boys are still not in top shape, but the two weeks here will get them there. 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon should do it for them. The staff here at Attack Athletics have worked with our Coaches even before we got here, to prepare a program geared for our team. Its conditioning and skills training, basically, and Coach Yulo and Gel are keeping tabs of all the drills, conditioning exercises, etc., that the boys are undergoing.

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