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Introducing your MVP

By Nico Baguio

It is human that we always want to be the best. It is one of the most basic human instincts of all. Survival of the fittest, Kill or be Killed – those are quotes and ideas that are timeless. They are timeless because they speak of the need to be the best. In order to survive, you need to be the best.

Of course, as society progressed from the dark, barbaric ages (where kill or be killed really meant kill or be killed) to the modern age, we somehow changed the definition of the best from being the strongest, fastest, most cunning hunter alive to whatever fit the description of the work place you are in. If you are a “hunter”, the antiquated definition of the “best” would still hold true. But if for example you were a business man, you’d have to be the smartest, most resourceful and most determined person ever to become the best business man. In basketball, being the “best” usually accompanied accolades – the coveted MVP trophy, medal or award. But the definition of “best” is quite vague in this sport.

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