Lady Spikers toy with the dogs, near first round sweep

It only took less than an hour for the Lady Spikers to fashion out an easy 3-0 whipping of NU, 25-17, 25-8, 25-11 in the first game today. Stephanie Mercado led the team with nine hits while Jacqueline Alarca and Joanne Siy scored eight points each.

After showing a bit of rust in the first set, where they allowed NU to keep pace in the first half of the set, our players stepped it up to finish the first pulling away. In the 2nd set, the Lady Spikers poured it on to avoid a 2nd set letdown similar to what happened against UP. They ran away from NU from the start, and totally demoralized the NU players who meekly surrendered the set. Despite this, Coach Ramil took no chances, and only substituted in the 3rd set when victory was assured.

At 6-0, they lead the standings and are on the verge of sweeping the first round. Next up on Wednesday is FEU, their nemesis in last year’s championship series.

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