Postgame Bullets: DLSU 72 ADMU 76

  • It was a game that slipped away. The Green Archers were in control for the most part of the ballgame. But a series of miscues down the stretch enabled the Blue Eagles to crawl back. In the end, it was Ateneo’s end-game composure that sealed the win for them.
  • The young guys carried the cudgels today. Sadly, the veterans especially those who performed well last week against UST failed to show up.
  • Kudos to the Amazing Spider Webb for his superb performance in today’s game. He was simply a workhorse on both ends of the court and he simply weaved his way against the phalanx of defenders. A gallant stand indeed for this sophomore.
  • It was also a great game for Jovet Mendoza, Arvie Bringas and of course, “Tayshaun Prince” Andrada who had two block shots against the reigning MVP. If he can do this already at his present physique, what more once he bulks up?
  • Unlike last year, the Archers now have the quality big men to challenge those from Ateneo. We almost had it really but the bad breaks just did us in today.
  • Nevertheless, the Green Archers proved that they can hang tough against the defending champions. Judging from La Salle’s first two games, everyone thought that this game would be a blowout in Ateneo’s favor. This game was certainly a classic regardless who won.
  • I believe the team is still peaking. They will only get better in the second round.
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