Pregame Bullets: DLSU vs ADU 8/13

  • Currently with a winning record of 4-3, the Green Archers will do some Bird Hunting over the next two playdates to start the second round. First up are the Adamson Soaring Falcons this Thursday.
  • Soaring is kind of misleading if you describe the kind of season Adamson is having now. They ought to be called the Sorry Falcons or Low-flying Falcons with all their hapless setbacks as of late. Their loss against UE a couple of weeks back was indeed a killer blow to their confidence. But of course there is still one whole round for them to recover.
  • In their previous match-up in the first round, the Archers escaped by the skin of their teeth in overtime. Thanks to an unnecessary foul committed by Adamson’s Camson with only a few seconds left, Maui Villanueva was able to break the tie via the free throw stripe. The Archers won 64-63.
  • Some call it an ugly win due to the team’s horrendous shooting. Though the Archers’ offensive output is improving significantly as of late, the key to win this game still has to be on defense.
  • The team may have lost against Ateneo to close the first round but I believe this does not in any way dampen their spirit. Confidence-wise the Archers are on a roll and we hope they continue to improve as we head to the homestretch of this season.
  • Let’s hope that the injury and health-related problems of the Archers are now behind them, so they can give it 100%. This is the homestretch, and how they perform will determine how they will figure in the playoffs.
  • At present, there is a 5-way battle for the playoffs. FEU and Ateneo are two games ahead of La Salle, UE, and FEU, but that 2-game advantage can easily disappear. So starting now, every game will count towards the placings. 4 wins should be enough to get the team to the  final 4, but of course it’s best not to take any team for granted.

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