Go Archers -

Pregame: DLSU vs UE 8/20

The Green Archers look to maintain their position in the top half of the standings as they face the UE Red Warriors tomorrow. Game time is at 1PM.

After another tragic loss to the Adamson Falcons last week, expect the team to “let it all out” against the last-place Warriors, whom they defeated 87-63 in the first round. There is no better cure for the Archers than to win this game convincingly in order to erase the frustration and get them back on track.

We hope to see a free-flowing, up-tempo game by the Archers tomorrow. A lot of online supporters have suggested that the team should sometimes allow their natural basketball instincts to take over rather than rely heavily on set plays. While it is still important to play within a system, players should also be given the liberty to make their own shots. Besides, this style of play has enabled the team to erect huge leads in previous games and last Sunday, come back from a 22-point deficit.

No doubt, our team has the talent and at times they should take it upon themselves to score especially if a play was not executed right. If the opportunity to make a basket is there, don’t hesitate and take it. It also helps build the players confidence. A combination of a deliberate and free-flowing offense can work well for the Archers.

The team cannot afford to lose any more games if they still want to aspire for at least the number 2 position after the eliminations.  We hope that the Archers are all fired up and will pour out their frustrations on the rebuilding Warriors.