Round-Up: Yesterday’s postgame press interview and fracas

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After the game, a commotion ensued between ADMU’s head coach and a DLSU spectator.


Witnesses said Perasol was heckled by the DLSU fan while he was on his way out of the Smart-Araneta Coliseum playing court and on the way to the dugout following the Eagles’ heartbreaking 66-64 loss.

Perasol was about to charge at the fan who was at the patron section but was pacified by his coaching staff, witnesses said.

The Ateneo mentor confirmed he was shouted at by a fan but said he will not complain personally to the league about the incident.

Here’s a firsthand account from Yahoo Sports

Late in the game, with Ateneo down 61-59, Perasol saw one, maybe two uncalled fouls on his charges and saw it fit to race out to the court and accost the referee. Assistant Sandy Arespacochaga immediately dragged him away. Perasol went after the zebras again in front of the scorer’s table, and was slapped with a technical. Vosotros drained both freebie charities.

What happened after the game was even worse for the former UP player. There has already been much speculation about what occurred. I’ve heard that Perasol was spat at and that a water bottle was thrown at him. Neither of those started the fracas. I should know, I was mere feet away from the action when it happened.

A DLSU fan, whose appearance indicated that he should be too old for this sort of thing, sarcastically sneered “Bo, salamat ha” as Perasol walked through the tunnel towards the South Entrance, obviously in reference to the technical foul. There was a steel fence between the two men.

For the fan, he is ready to apologize for the incident.


“I didn’t mean to insult him personally,” he said. “If he felt he was insulted by what I did, then I’m sorry.”

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