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5 Possible Reasons why La Salle lost to UE

Green Archers

At the beginning, we already mentioned that the next three games of the Green Archers are going to be tough.

And tough is what UE was as they gave the team their first defeat in the FilOil Flying-V Preseason.

Aside from going 5 of 13 from the foul line, here are 5 possible reasons why they lost.

1. Lack of Intensity – Except for the early part of the first
period, the Archers played lethargically on both ends. The Warriors had too many easy baskets inside as a result of their defense being wide open which allowed guys like Roi Sumang enough room to score from the perimeter or pass it to an open receiver underneath.

They also allowed UE too many offensive rebounds which resulted to 13 second chance points.

2. Turnovers– La Salle turned the ball over a whopping 28 times and UE capitalized with 26 turnover points. The team’s play was too predictable and the Warriors were successful in trapping the ball carrier which resulted to several bad passes.

3. Tentativeness – The Archers did not show the kind of fluidity on offense which won it for them in their past games. They seemed lost in this one, missing easy shots, too much over-dribbling and dependence on one-on-one plays. This is where we miss veteran guys like LA Revilla, who can bring stability and composure to the team in these situations.

4. Responding to the physicality – Just like their game LPU a couple of weeks back, La Sallle appears to struggle against teams that play hard-nosed, intense basketball.

5. Absence of the Animo Squad – We’re not blaming anyone here but hey, maybe the cheers and drum noise could have brought life to the Archers’ game. There were a lot of La Salle supporters in attendance but were quiet since there was no one leading them in cheering. That’s how important the Animo Squad is.

We were told that the squad is in a team building session this weekend.

Let’s look at this way, the Archers played so bad yet they only lost by 7 points. It is highly uncharacteristic of them to commit this many turnovers and shoot that poor from their field. The good news is that it’s still the preseason so there’s a lot of time to make the adjustments.

Let’s see how will they bounce back tomorrow against Letran.