A Final Kick-off at the DLSU Football Field

In celebration of the long and rich history of the De La Salle University football field, a grand Kickoff celebration will be held this coming October 1.

This whole-day affair will boast a lot of fun activities which includes a bazaar and a concert in the evening. DLSU alumni celebrities will grace the event.

The highlight of the event will be a mini football tournament wherein all former varsity players, students, alumni and even school personnel are invited to join. Yes, even the non-football die-hards are also most welcome to drop by in this special occasion.

Special awards will be handed out such as Oldest Player, Most No. of Players from a Team, Oldest Uniform etc.

Entrance fee is only PHP100. Open bar will start at 3PM.

Rain or shine, let’s all be there to send a final kickoff to the football field before it gives way to a new school building.

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