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An Open Letter to the Green Archers by Marko Batricevic

marko batricevic
Photo by Ryan Ong

Posted by Tony L Atayde Jr in the DLSU Alumni Network Facebook Group



If ever you get to read this please try to understand one thing- college career does come to an end. Years go by fast, believe me. Before you know it you will be in the stands watching younger guys balling.

The feel of watching games will still give you the rush but its not going to be the same as the one you are feeling right now- few days before the biggest game of your lives! The game that will write your name in history books! The game that will give you immortality within community! The game that will mark you as a true champion forever! Many generations have come close, some have been there multiple times, and yet they are all it the stands watching you! It’s YOUR time now!

Play hard for that tiny logo on your jersey that means A LOT more than the big family name you carry on your backs! You don’t want the 5 years to go by you. You don’t want to look back and say- damn we could have done it! Get angry, play hard! Die in the court! You are 4 days away from something other kids dream all their lives about! It’s right there in front of you, within the reach! GRAB IT with both your hands! My batch was suspended back in 2006. 2007 we came back and won every single tournament there is!!! The feeling was priceless!

Up to now we feel great about it! And you know why we did it? Because we knew what we were playing for! We were angry and we wanted to prove a point! We knew what is at stake! We stayed together and played together as ONE! Never mind if coach rotates 7 players and you are not among those 7. Coach has other roles for you! Championships are won behind close doors, during game preparations, during hard practices! And you are all part of that!

Who cares about the pressure at this point in time!
Who cares about the sweat and tears during off season!
Who cares what critiques have to say!

It’s all gonna be WORTH IT!
Just play that one game like there is no tomorrow!
Like there will never be another chance to write the history!
Play the game as if its your last ever!
Play the game for DE LA SALLE!!!

It will forever be ANIMO!

Marko Batricevic
Batch 2005

Marko Batricevic played 2 years for the Green Archers from 2007 to 2008 and was part of the 2007 UAAP championship team. He also played high school ball in La Salle Greenhills.

He now runs a chain of restaurants serving authentic Balkan cuisine located in San Juan, Makati and in the Fort.