Coach Franz steps down as Head Coach

As reported by GreenArrows at, Coach Franz Pumaren will step down as the head coach of the Green Archers after the PCCL tournament. Coach Franz will be running for a local position in next year’s elections. Team Manager Terry Capistrano has likewise tendered his resignation to concentrate on his business endeavors.

In 11 seasons under Coach Franz, the Green Archers has made it to the finals 9 times winning 5 (6 if you count the 2004 season). His best achievement was piloting the squad to a remarkable four-peat in his first 4 years under the helm. His coaching track record speaks for itself and I believe it would be difficult for anyone to even equal what he has achieved.

He will be best remembered as a coach who brought out the best in all his players. It was his system that made the Archers a competitive team year in and year out. Coach Franz will soon assume the role as team consultant.

We would like to thank Coach Franz as well as Mr. Capistrano for their valuable contributions to the team through the years. We will be forever grateful to the both of you.

With this, we welcome the new head coach of the Green Archers, no other than Dindo “The Bullet” Pumaren. After a successful tenure with UE, Coach Dindo returns to his alma mater and thus becomes the 4th Pumaren to be the team’s bench tactician after father Pilo and older brothers Derrick and Franz (note: thanks to our readers for the correction 10/7).

Good Luck Coach Dindo! An1mo!

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