De La Salle Team “D”

Arnold Van Opstal, JR Gallarza, Brian Organ (

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Most schools have their team A and a Team B. Team Bs susually include players who hope to make their respective Team As as soon as they have finished their residency requirements or are polished enough to make Team A.

For the DLSU Basketball Program, we have a TEAM “D” – D for developmental. These are the players who are being groomed to make the DLSU UAAP team in the next few years. A lot of speculation and rumors have surrounded them so rather than let wild imaginations go even wilder, I have put up this thread to discuss these players who are in our Team D.

Just one caveat. There names and pictures may be in this thread but this DOES NOT GUARANTEE they will eventually suit up for DLSU right away. Some are 2-3 years from making the team mainly due to residency requirements.

JR Gallarza, Andrew Harris (
Brian Organ, Norbert Torres (
(Bottom to second from the top} Arnold Van Opstal, Maoi Marcelino, LA Revilla, JR Gallarza (

The really good thing about having a Team D with staggered eligibility is that it allows continuity and succession planning. Next year we hopefully will have Torres and AVO, plus a couple of surprises (both mentioned and unmentioned), a few more in 2012, and likewise in 2013. Since they’re already practicing with the team and familiarizing themselves with the system, teamwork and chemistry will not be issues, and they can ease into the Archer game quite smoothly. Talk about being ready to go. Training of understudies will also be facilitated, since the new players will have ample time to learn the tricks of the trade from the more senior players.

Of course, I’m also sure that our team management will keep an eye out for promising high school players every year. Cracking the Team A lineup will be a very competitive affair, and players will have to do their best all the time to keep their spots on the team. Nobody will be assured of their spots, and we’ll not have a problem with superstar-sized egos. At least, that’s the plan. Hopefully.

Catch some of these guys in action at the Father Martin’s Cup

Upcoming FMC games for DLSU
AUGUST 15, 2010 at San Beda College Gym 3:00 pm
vs Informatics

AUGUST 21, 2010 at Arellano University Gym 3:00 pm
vs UP

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