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DLSU is 2nd again in UAAP Overall

For the second straight year, the valiant efforts of the different sports teams of DLSU resulted in a runner-up finish in the UAAP General Championship. And it seems that for the umpteenth time, the España Armada showed overall consistency in all sports disciplines in this annual athletic meet to romp off with the overall title. The perennial supremacy of the UST contingent has many wondering whether it’s the large student population or just excellent recruitment and training. Whatever it is, UST remains to be the yardstick of a great school athletic program.

Our teams have managed to collectively perform well enough to allow La Salle to finish in the top 4 inthe last few years. In fact, the gap between our total points tally and UST’s has started to shrink by about half compared to last season. This year, our teams managed to cut the gap from 98 points to 53, a clear sign that our teams are starting to be more competitive in the different sports.

There are events where we are consistently strong and there are those that we still need a lot more improvement especially in the men’s division. Our teams have traditionally placed well in tennis, badminton, taekwondo, and swimming in both the men’s and women’s divisions. Women’s volleyball and football have also been a source of points in the last few years, as our teams have figured prominently in the championships of these two sports. Although our women’s basketball team placed third this year, our men’s basketball team underperformed to finish 6th, its lowest finish in recent memory. If improvements can be made in baseball and softball, as well as track and field and fencing, we might just give UST come real competition for the overall championship in a year or two.

Interestingly, as you can see in the chart below, our women’s teams outperformed their male counterparts as they finished among the top three in 11 out of the 14 events. Well, guys, our lady athletes are proving that they can compete at the top level. How about matching their performance next season? Who knows, we might just give UST a run for their money.

Men Women
2nd Tennis CHAMP
2nd Badminton CHAMP
3rd Football CHAMP
CHAMP Swimming 3rd
2nd Taekwondo 3rd
5th Volleyball 2nd
4th Judo 3rd
4th Chess 3rd
5th Table Tennis 3rd
6th Basketball 3rd
6th Beach Volley 3rd
4th Base/Softball 6th
6th Athletics 6th
6th Fencing 6th

Probably the most heartbreaking results of the entire season are the 6th place finish of the Green Archers and the recent loss of our Lady Spikers in the finals. This is one UAAP season we would rather forget.

Another season in the books! We all look forward for a better showing for our teams starting July. It’s the mean time; let’s sharpen those arrows this summer.

Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awardees
1 Samantha Camille Nierras Women’s Football
2 Trudy Gine Amoranto Women’s Tennis
3 Reyne Thraitscka Calimlim Women’s Badminton
4 Ernest Lorenzo Dee Men’s Swimming
3rd MVP Award in 3 years.7 Golds in 7 events in each of the three years.
Rookie of the Year (ROY) Awardees
1 Joy Miller Ong Women’s Basketball
2 Danica Bolos Women’s Badminton
3 Ma. Regina Santiago Women’s Tennis
4 Adrianne Aniana Yniguez Women’s Football
5 Joanne Siy Women’s Volleyball
6 Michael Christopher Antonio Men’s Volleyball
7 Pemrik Alina Men’s Tennis
8 Johansen Benedict Aguilar Men’s Swimming
9 Mari Joseph Turqueza Men’s Chess
Taekwondo Medalists – Men
1 Wilson Dumo Gold Bantamweight
2 Christian Go Silver Finweight
3 R-Jay del Rosario Silver Flyweight
4 Xavier Stepanek Silver Lightweight
Taekwondo Medalists – Women
1 Kathleen Eunice Alora Gold Lightweight
2 Jyra Marie Lizardo Gold Featherweight
3 Ynah Franchezca Bonifacio Gold Flyweight
4 Iyra April Tindoc Silver Bantamweight
Football Awardees – Women
1 Samantha Camille Nierras Best Midfield
2 Andrea Nicole Frumenti Best Defender
Chess Medalists – Men
1 Mari Joseph Turqueza Silver Board 2
2 Emmanuel Emparado Silver Board 3
Chess Medalists – Women
1 Akiko Suede Gold Board 3
2 Aices Salvador Silver Board 2
3 Dominique Layugan Bronze Board 1
Judo Medalists – Men
1 Gerard Raymund Teruel Gold under 66 kg
2 Christian Joseph San Pedro Silver under 81 kg
3 Butch Albarracin Silver under 100 kg
4 Justin Keith Ver Bronze under 60 kg
5 Dominic Tuazon Bronze under 66 kg
6 Jan Tejada Bronze over 100 kg
Judo Medalists – Women
1 Dian Micheale So Gold over 78 kg
2 Amee Florence Payno Gold under 78 kg
3 Kristin Espinas Bronze under -0 kg
4 Nicole More Bronze under 57 kg
Athletics Medalists – Men’s
1 Jose Unso Bronze 100m Dash
Bronze 200m Dash
Bronze 400m Hurdles
2 Andrew Wilson Silver High Jump
3 Lawrence Macalinao Silver 800m Dash
4 Raul Santos Bronze Long Jump
5 Laurence Rose Bronze Shot Put
6 John Kevin Sugue Bronze Pole Vault
Athletics Medalists – Women
1 Phoebee Que Gold High Jump
2 Alexandra Smith Bronze Pole Vault
Fencing Medalists – DLSU Women
1 Geisha de Leon Bronze Individual Sabre
Bronze Team Sabre
2 Gabrielle Estimada Bronze Team Sabre
3 Nicole Magpantay Bronze Team Sabre
Volleyball Awardees – Men
1 Chris Macasaet Best Scorer
Volleyball Awardees- Women
1 Joanne Siy Best Blocker
Swimming Medalists – Men
1 Ernest Lorenzo Dee Seven (7) Gold Medals
3rd year in a row MVP 50m Butterfly
never lost a single event 100m Butterfly
all 21 races in the past 3yrs 200m Butterfly
200m Individual Medley
400m Individual Medley
800m Freestyle
1500m Freestyle
2 Johansen Benedict Aguilar Three (3) Gold Medals
Rookie of the Year 50m Backstroke
Broke 100m Backstroke 100m Backstroke
UAAP Record 200m Backstroke
One (1) Bronze Medal
100m Freestyle
3 Timothy Vincent Yap Two (2) Gold Medals
2nd year 200m Freestyle
400m Freestyle
Three (3) Silver Medals
800m Freestyle
1500m Freestyle
200m Backstroke
4 Joshua Desamero One (1) Silver Medal
1st year 400m Individual Medley
Two (2) Bronze Medals
200m Individual Medley
200m Backstroke
5 Emmanuel Dominic Quilala One (1) Bronze Medal
200m Breaststroke
6 Timothy Brian Yap Two (2) Bronze Medals
1st Year 4x100m Freestyle Relay
4x200m Freestyle Relay
7 Angel Jacob Villanueva Two (2) Bronze Medals
1st Year 4x100m Freestyle Relay
4x200m Freestyle Relay
8 Bendrick Co Two (2) Bronze Medals
1st Year 4x100m Freestyle Relay
4x200m Freestyle Relay
9 Rainier Lloyd Salonga One (1) Bronze Medal
1st Year 4x100m Freestyle Relay
10 Brian Rafael Padua One (1) Bronze Medal
Graduating 4x200m Freestyle Relay
Swimming Medalists – Women
1 Janina Nicole Sedilla Six (6) Bronze Medals
Women’s Team Captain 50m Breaststroke
3rd year 100m Breaststroke
200m Breaststroke
4x50m Medley Relay
4x100m Freestyle Relay
4x200m Freestyle Relay
2 Carmina Marie Quilala One (1) Silver Medal
2nd year 50m Backstroke
One (1) Bronze Medal
50m Freestyle
3 Chloe Ekaterina Uy One (1) Silver Medal
2nd year 4x100m Medley Relay
One (1) Bronze Medal
4x200m Freestyle Relay
4 Alethea Alcantara One (1) Silver Medal
2nd year 4x100m Medley Relay
Three (3) Bronze Medals
4x100m Freestyle Relay
4x50m Medley Relay
4x50m Freestyle Relay
5 Angeline Pamela Ng One (1) Silver Medal
1st year 4x100m Medley Relay
Two (2) Bronze Medals
4x50m Freestyle Relay
4x100m Freestyle Relay
6 Marie Francesca de Guzman One (1) Silver Medal
Graduating 4x100m Medley Relay
One (1) Bronze Medal
4x50m Medley Relay
7 Alexie Casey Laconico Two (2) Bronze Medals
Graduating 4x50m Freestyle Relay
4x100m Freestyle Relay
8 Maxine Bernadette Galang One (1) Bronze Medal
Graduating 4x200m Freestyle Relay
9 Charlene Cebedo One (1) Bronze Medal
1st year 4x200m Freestyle Relay
10 Camille Enriquez Two (2) Bronze Medals
1st year 4x50m Freestyle Relay
4x50m Medley Relay