DLSU v ADU – One Week of Adjustments give DLSU a morale boosting win

The De La Salle Green Archers beat the Adamson Soaring Falcons last Sunday. Key adjustments during the week off would be what Coach Juno says as the decisive factor for the win.

Historical Look

In UAAP Season 76 during the first road, the Archers ended the first round at 3-4. The 3 week break due to FIBA allowed Coach Juno to make the necessary adjustments and the Archers would go on and sweep the second round and end the elimination round at 10-4, same as FEU and NU.

Coach Juno often takes some time to make adjustments to newer teams. With a total of 9 rookies this season, it will take much longer for Coach Juno to make adjustments but after a week off, the Archers looked renewed and more disciplined both on offense and on defense.

Extra Pass

The first 3 games of the Archers saw them have a total of 26 assists. That is roughly 8.66 assits per game. Against Adamson, the Archers had 21. The Archers relied too much on the isolation play for the first 3 games but Teng and Torres paced the team and set an example by providing 10 of the 22 assists.

Defensive Adjustments

The last game against FEU showed a lack of discipline on the defensive end particularly when an opponent posts up. Often the Archers would collapse on the big man causing several opposing players to be wide open. This tactic is acceptable however the mistake of the Archers was when 2 people would collapse on an outside shooter – against FEU it was often Tolomia – before the opposition will make the extra pass for an even more open shot.

Against Adamson, the Archers did the same thing however, it was evident that they worked on defensive assignments as a kick-out often resulted in the Archers sticking to their man instead of doing a double team. This defensive adjustment will be vital especially against teams that shoot better from 3. This is what killed the Archers against FEU and it is good that the team immediately made adjustments

Secondary Unit Concerns

A secondary unit that consists of Navarro, Caracut, Sargeant, Tratter and Rivero has twice already conceded a 10 point lead. The first was against UP which allowed the Maroons to establish their lead, and another against Adamson where the Soaring Falcons brought down the lead to as low as 11 before Teng made an appearance and stabilised the ship. Individually there is no concern with those players, however they seem to be the same unit where we concede big runs. This might be due to the fact that all of them are at most, sophomores.

Grain of Salt?

People may talk about the win as only against Adamson but this was the perfect time for the Archers to regain their confidence. A win is a win regardless of the opposition and we have seen how Adamson made it difficult for other teams as well.

A good confidence building team for the Archers which allowed them to execute their plays and also, to gain momentum coming into very crucial fixtures against UE, UST, and Ateneo.

More Adjustments

The extra week will allow the Archers to prepare for the more potent press of UE while also working on their offense – Torres, Caracut, and Torralba will be practicing their 3’s a bit more while the big men inside will probably find ways to dominate the paint. Whatever it is, it’s exciting to see what the Archers have in store as we aim to finish the round at 5-2.

Ending Thoughts

At only the 4th game of the season, despite being a rookie laden team, the Archers are still in a good position against three tougher opponents. The Archers will look to improve everyday both as a team and individually as we strive for a championship.

For now, we look towards the UE Red Warriors.

Animo La Salle!

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