DLSZ Junior Archers: First Round Recap

by Max Tan of ArcherPride.com

The DLSZ Junior Archers came into this year with redemption in their mind. And redemption it is, so far. With coach Boris Aldeguer back, the Junior Archers showed of what they were capable, and sweeping the first round was their way of saying, “We mean business!”. The Junior Archers have limited their opponents to just 61 points per game, shooting at a decent 47% from the field.

Team Leaders:

Points – Luigi Dela Paz (19.1 ppg) , Gwyne Capacio (18.3 ppg)
Rebounds – Aiki Herrera (9.4 rbg), Gwyne Capacio & Nico Elorde (7.86 rpg)
Assists – Nico Elorde (9 apg), Luigi Dela Paz (3.7 apg)
Steals – Luigi Dela Paz (3 spg), Elorde Nico (2 spg)
Blocks – Arnold Van Opstal (2.4 bpg), Gwyne Capacio (1.43 bpg)

What did we do badly?
– FT shooting woes – Just like their “kuyas”, the Jr. Archers are hitting only 53% of their FTs (in fact, worse than the seniors’ 59%). We have to make sure to capitalize on these, as we average close to 30 FT attempts a game and can only hit half of them.
– Three point accuracy – 27% is not really that bad, but it could be better. We have the “regular” shooters in Luigi, Gwyne, Nico, but if we are to continue to make waves in the 2nd round, we need to have more consistent contributions from Louie, Phim, and Anton. They usually get good shots (especially from the side), but just not hitting a lot. A more potent outside game will definitely help open the lanes for our big men to operate inside.
– Fouls – we need our 2nd stringers to pull themselves together. Hernandez, Fortuna, Moran, Roxas, Van Opstal’s role are very vital in making sure we either maintain the lead or provide more energy and hustle. There are times that when Elorde is in foul trouble, we did not have anyone from our backcourt reserves who would come and keep the team focused.

What did we do well?
– Scoring – yes outscoring the opposition is the name of the game. The Junior Archers have outscored their opponents by an average of 25.3 points per game. But the good thing here is how they are doing it, they force turnovers that lead to TO points, they convert on their fast breaks, and shoot well from the field. If they improve on their FT and 3 point accuracy, then they could even be deadlier.
– HEART, FOCUS, DETERMINATION – these kids are determined, and are taking this one game at a time. 11 seniors are graduating this year, and i’m sure they want to leave the team as CHAMPIONS.
– Continue to take advantage of turnover points – They double their opponents TO points output, this really shows that the kids put a premium on defense to fuel their offense.
– The starters – Nico averaging an eye popping 9 assists, Luigi being consistent not only in scoring but also sharing the ball and defending. Aiki’s near double double average, yes this kid can rebound, but he has to continue to improve in the putbacks and ft%. Lastly, Gwyne Capacio, when not in foul trouble, is dominant, on points, rebounds, blocks.


– Yes, its a first round sweep, but doesn’t mean that they dont have roome for improvements right? Consistent backcourt help is something we will be looking at, especially when Elorde gets into foul trouble. Last year it was the frontline that had problems (when Gwyne or Aiki gets into foul trouble), but the emergence of Roxas, Sevilla and Van Opstal, have offset this.

Looking ahead in the 2nd round

– It was a great first round, but there will definitely be a bullseye on their back. Every team they will be facing will try to blemish its immaculate record.
– Can the Junior Archers continue this run? The second round will be much harder, and teams will be playing with more fire and intensity, we have to make that we match them as well.
– Have they boys peaked? Or are we just seeing the tip of the iceberg?

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