Green Archers’ first game thoughts

We caught up with some of the Green Archers, particularly the rookies who shared their thoughts about the team’s first official game of the year. We would have wanted to ask Jarelan Tampus on how it feels to play against his former schoolmates in Letran especially his old high school backcourt mate Kevin Alas. Sadly though, he did not get the best of this match-up, committing 3 quick fouls in the early stages and all on Alas. May have been a case of over eagerness on the part of Tampus but we’re confident that he will come up with a much better performance in the succeeding games.

Luigi de la Paz

“I think we played a good game, but I think we can play better. We need to take care of the ball more and improve on our free throws.”

Nico Elorde

“We played well but we committed a lot of fouls which gave an opportunity to Letran to stay in the game. We need to lessen our fouls and be more conscious in committing turnovers. We also need to rebound more.”

Martin Reyes

“Team played well but it could be better if we lessen the fouls, make our free throws and do better execution.”

Aiki Herrera

“The game was played well everyone did their part but we need to lessen the fouls and make more free throws.”

Joseph Marata

“First official game was a success but we still need a lot of work. The rookies played for their first game. I am proud of how they played and how they adjusted quickly to college ball. We still need to work on our offense and some mental lapses on defense.”

Gab Banal
“It turned out okay. In spite our team being young, i think we showed a lot of character and teamwork. We still need to improve on a lot of aspects such as team and individual defense, execution and free throw percentage. There were a lot of unnecessary fouls committed by our team, I think we should limit this as the pre- season tournament progresses so we won’t have a hard time come uaap season. I also think that we’re so much better than how we performed. The good thing is that it was only the first game. Hopefully, we can adjust and get our A game.

We should adjust with the calls of the referee. We committed way to much fouls. I think we should limit our fouls and play good defense for 24 seconds every possession. The first game should’ve been a blowout if it wasn’t for the fouls committed and the free throw shots missed. We also need to take care of the ball. We committed a lot of unforced turnovers and offensive rebounds.

Well, you can see that they were roaring to play college basketball. However, because of this, they were a little bit trying to much. It was their first game, so it’s okay. They just need to relax and let the game come to them. I like their intensity when they step on the court. I also admire how quick they blend with the team. They will really help the team in pursuing the title.”

Joel Tolentino

“I think that our first official game was good but then i know that we can do much better than that. We need to perfect our defense and everyone must contribute on our offense. My new teammates played good as rookies. I think they all have a bright future ahead.”

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