Just For Kicks!: Green Archer Celebrity Lookalikes


The movie star good looks of the Green Archers have catapulted their popularity from league favorites to full celebrity status, attracting fans even from rival schools and kibitzers from outside the league. Proof is in media attention-magazine covers and big advertisement contracts started long before pre-season, with sporting giants cashing in on the success and commercially viable good looks of season 70’s surprise champs. Sophomore playmaker Simon Atkins and star point guard JV Casio are in fashion mags and billboards. Basking in their share of the limelight are multinationals Bader Malabes, PJ Walsham and Rico Maierhofer, with the last one starring in a full-length TV commercial for a major sports brand. It appears an unofficial tradition for DLSU Green Archers to score high in the looks department with its long line of basketball celebrities—Maoi Roca, Mon Jose, BJ Manalo, Dominic Uy, Mike Cortez, Jason Webb, Luigi Trillo, Lago Brothers, among others. This year, the men’s basketball team obviously, if inadvertently, maintains the tradition by having members who are deadringers of TV and film stars. Decide for yourselves if it’s a hit or a miss for these stellar match-ups:

Rico Maierhofer is sometimes incredible in the spectacular moves he makes, but can he pass as an alter ego to the actor who’s the latest to play the Incredible Hulk, Edward Norton?


Lately, we have been seeing more of Ferdinand in action. Hopefully, he gets to log in more playing minutes and not be relegated to hiding in the house attic as what his lookalike, Josh Hartnett did in the vampire movie, 30 Days, 30 Nights.


Shooter James Mangahas is always serious when he plays. But heck, we are not complaining because he delivers. But do you think he looks like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” singer Blue’s Simon Webbe?


Maybe we’ll get to see the slashing moves of sophomore Rejan Lee, after all he is not dubbed as “Little Ninja” for nothing. But can you his resemblance to Hong Kong’s singing superstar Jackie Cheung, who once did a duet with Philippine’s very own, Regine Velasquez


Rookie Maui Villanueva is playing like he’s no rookie at all. This early, he is showing his basketball IQ and experience, But does he look like Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition’s Bodie Cruz, son of 70’s movie icon and experienced actor Tirso Cruz?


We have not seen him play last year. And for the limited time he saw action for the Green Archers this season, we were witnessed to the quality minutes he gave the team. Marko Batricevic is Just like his look alike, Cillian Murphy, who played quality villain role in Batman Begins as the Scare Crow.


Bader Malabes has exploded in some games and continue to improve his defensive game. Hopefully, he gets a second crack at greatness this season, after a not so impressive performance last season, as his look alike Patrick Dempsey, who got a second crack at stardom after potraying McDreamy (?) in the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy


Finally, last year’s finals MVP Cholo Villanueva. He is no longer playing but he is still with the team. One more chance for Cholo to prove his special love for DLSU. That statement says it all—Cholo as John Lloyd, would you agree?


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