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As we can see here, the Green Archers have made a pledge to their coach that they will strictly follow the proper free throw shooting grip and form taught to them. Oh yeah!

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Well, today we finished the first week at Attack Athletics. We did that with a game against a team that Tim Grover hand-picked, the Chicago D & R Hoopings. They were an all black team, very athletic, and their point guard plays in the Asean Basketball League as an import.

The game was close throughout, with the Archers starting red-hot, courtesy of Marata who punctured the hoop with impunity in the 1st quarter, from downtown and with drives to the basket. We took a 3 point lead, but lost that in the 2nd quarter when the Chicago team used their muscle to score close to the basket. The half ended with the Green Archers trailing, 50 to 57.

The second half Webb started to score on drives and Marata continued his hot shooting to tie the game at 88 all after 4 quarters. We actually had a chance to win it outright with 10 seconds to go, but we failed to come up with a decent shot. A 5th quarter was played, with Norbert getting to play the entire quarter after sitting out the first 4. We played an all rookie five, with Martin, Oda, Vosotros, Luigi, Nico and Papot being used in the 5th, and we trailed the whole way, eventually losing, 115-99.

Gab and Yutien were used sparingly in the 1st half, and were allowed to dress up in the second as both were not feeling well. Actually, Gab, Yutien were feverish while Joshua had a stomach problem yesterday and did not practice. I think the steak dinner that Coach Dindo hosted last night cured him outright. Josh was scoring a lot!

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