Postgame Bullets: DLSU 51 FEU 65

  • There were lapses in concentration, and the inexperience showed as well. FEU was clearly the more mature team, with an edge in big game exposure and individual one-on-one talents. There were some defensive lapses and turnovers, and the Tams capitalized on these miscues to pull away.
  • Despite the second blowout loss, there are positives that we can take from this game. The effort, the intensity was apparent for long stretches. Marata and Bringas proved that their selection to the team was justified. Our veterans had their moments. Ferdinand showed his toughness and held his ground in the paint. I’m fairly certain that we’ll start seeing significant improvements in the way the team plays in the next few games.
  • Tony Atayde predicted that we would end the eliminations at 7-7. So we will probably start winning more games than we lose. The way the team played today, that’s a realistic expectation.
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