Postgame Bullets: DLSU 69 FEU 71

  • Our only hope for now is a miracle. After losing this game, the only way for the Archers to still make it to the semis is for UST to lose its last 2 games and of course win our last assignment versus NU. With this scenario, La Salle and UST will be tied at 6-8 and this will result in a playoff.
  • Except for some rather questionable calls made, the team played well today especially the rookies like Yutien and Sam. FEU has just too much experience tucked under their belt. They were practically just like the Archers a couple of years back; a then young and inexperienced bunch who have already blossomed and are ripe enough to have a shot at the crown. The experience our young players got here will certainly benefit them in the long run.
  • Coach Franz fielded a young team for most of the game, giving us a glimpse of what could be the core of next year’s team. The young players responded well, leading FEU for the first 3 quarters and forcing the veteran-loaded Tams into overtime. James and Peejay saw limited minutes, while Bader and Ferdinand were not fielded.
  • If the results of the other upcoming games would be unfavorable to us, this Thursday will be the Archers’ last game for the season. Come what may, let us all cheer and support the team on that day and thank them for giving a good fight all season long. An1mo!

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