Go Archers -

Postscript to the ADU Pre-game Predictions

I was able to catch the second half of the game. From the 1st quarter stats, the Archers dug themselves into a deep hole with a 20-9 deficit, something they could not climb out of. They had the attempts on basket. They just couldn’t make the shots. This is not to take away anything from Adamson. Part of the reason for the low percentage shooting was their interior defense. It was they who had the team defensive mindset.

I was with a couple of La Sallites whom I didn’t know, who commented about my article that we could blow them away in this game. Did I want to crawl under a rock for my prediction? Well of course not. Why? Part of the article read “They are beginning to know who will shoot, where and when, and how. It’s just a matter of execution of our offensive patterns. Usually, you will know the offensive flow of the game on game time itself. This is the reason why I commented that we can blow Adamson out of the court this time.” Obviously we did not execute well. Look at the score. The defense was there as they scored only 61 points. It was the offensive execution that was wanting. However also, the team started to wake up defensively a little too late.

I did not say that Adamson was a patsy this second round. Remember. This is a team which is much better than their record shows. If I remember correctly, four out of those 6 lost games were lost by four points or less, including a double overtime loss to us, and an overtime loss to UE. Adamson is not a pushover team.

If La Salle wants to win games, it must treat EVERY game with utmost dedication and respect. No team in the UAAP will EVER give away a game. You have to EARN it. Not to take anything away from Adamson, who played a great defensive game and won it fair and square, we actually lost this one because of our own doing. 22% from 2 point range. Sadly, this is a harsh lesson and a bitter pill we have to swallow. I have also stated previously that there are no weak or strong teams in the UAAP and that everone can beat everybody else on any given day. There you go.

Yes we are running out of games to recover from. Yes, it’s close to critical time. But I still believe that we can win this thing. Oh here I go again. Oh there he goes again!!!! The community might want me to shut up at this time. Why? Because of a loss??? I NEVER say quit and neither should the alumni, the studentry, and specially the team.

Again, this is an investment team, and this team has to experience this pain to gain CHARACTER for the upcoming grind, not only this year, but in the year’s to come.

I was correct with James Mangahas. He really is a match-up problem for Adamson. Unfortunately, nobody else followed his lead. One positive came out of this though. Joel Tolentino showed up. Even if he had that loose ball error when he fell down, that is what he has to do. I liked the way he drove to the basket during the dying second of the game. Joel has to show up and support Simon every single game, for us to have a chance at this.

For now, let the team bow their heads. Let them feel the pain and anguish of losing. They deserve this. They took Adamson for granted and this is the price of that. Hold on though. Tomorrow is another day. Let them recover from this with sheer determination of making up for this loss. This is the essence of the struggle. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again (as the song goes).

I feel bad, just like you. I am a La Sallite with the chosen monicker Proud Archer. I will remain so because in my life, picking myself up, dusting myself of, and starting all over again, has been my story. As Tita Cory lived her life, the heirarchy of her existence and priorities was always, God, Country, and family. To me, being a Proud Archer is a close fourth.