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Pregame Bullets: DLSU vs ADMU 8/16

  • I decided to dig-up the archived files of the old greenarcher.net site and I just learned that the last time we defeated the Blue Eagles in a regular UAAP elimination round match was way back on September 15, 2005. The score was 72-55.
  • Despite losing to Ateneo last Sunday, the Archers played a good game. It was just unfortunate that breaks didn’t go the team’s way in overtime and this enabled the Eagles to pull-off a 76-72 victory.
  • Surprisingly, they will face the Eagles again this Sunday. The Archers were probably already too focused for this rematch that they forgot they had to duel with the slumping Adamson Falcons first. Alas, they also lost that game as well. Disappointing as it is, the Archers should forget this one, move on and be ready for the succeeding games.
  • The veterans really have to step-up for us to win. True, we probably indeed have the best crop of rookies this season but experience will still carry this team forward. Sadly the more seasoned players have not yet been consistent in providing the much needed boost.
  • It just seems that the people are looking for a Guardian Archer (aka King Archer), one that will call them to a huddle and DEMAND performance from the others, and at the same time perform excellently himself. There has been none yet this season. Simply because we are the youngest team in the league right now. We cannot get that from one Archer this season. It has to be a collective effort by the TEAM.
  • The model we have to follow is the Archer team of the first Ateneo-La Salle encounter. Everybody trusted everybody. When the shot was available, they took it without hesitation. When the defensive stop was needed, we delivered. Why did we come up short then? Because, we still lack the experience to recognize that the little things are very important and not to be taken for granted. And those little things added up to the 4 points that was our deficit at the end of the game.
  • Franz is really trying to fill the gaps. The substitutions are being made. Nobody is over worked. The playing time is well distributed. This is a hint to the players already. There is NO GUARDIAN ARCHER this season. BUT…………….ALL OF YOU, the players, are the guardian archers this season AS A COLLECTIVE UNIT. If there is one they should keep in mind, it is TEAM.
  • The scouting has been done. The plans have been laid out, together with the contingency options. The TEAM has rehearsed everything over and over again. It’s now down to execution, and desire. Our team just has to want it more.
  • On a side note, former Archer Mac Mac Cardona was spotted at the DLSU Sports Complex yesterday. When asked why he was there, he said that he will be practicing with the team.

Includes reports from Andrew Tan and Proud Archer