Pregame Bullets: DLSU vs FEU

  • Funny, there are so many negative comments after we lost to UE. You’d think that the loss in our first game already defined our season. We’ve only had 1 out 13 games in the pressure cooker that is the UAAP. The team is still adjusting to playing with each other, and they’re not yet in peak form. Injuries and illnesses have contributed to their being not yet at 100%.
  • The only way to do this is one game at a time. The team will have learned from their loss, and their game will evolve. The next game is tomorrow, and I’m sure the team has been focusing on how to play FEU during this week. The players are good, our coaching team is arguably the best in the league, so we can expect them to start playing better.
  • FEU is definitely a tough team which as been analyzed accurately at the beginning of this thread. The Archers will be there fighting tomorrow. They may or may not win, but let’s support them in all the games.


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