Pregame Bullets: DLSU vs NU

  • In recent years, NU’s name could have been changed to ‘Bombers’ because of their tendency to bomb away at the basket with abandon. Of course, ‘Bulldogs’ also aptly describes their type of game – tenacious and dangerous.
  • Their game is ‘free wheeling’, and that’s the hardest kind of game to defend against because it can be unpredictable and therefore difficult to prepare for. And when any of their players gets hot, watch out. So it will have to be 40 minutes of unrelenting pressure defense, no letdown like what happened in the last 30 seconds of the Adamson game where the Falcons scored 5 points after the Archers held them to a single point for the first 9:30. If the game is close, every point will count.
  • NU can score, as seen in their losing effort against UST where they tallied 89 points. So will the Archers hold the ‘Dogs to 65 points or less? Can they repeat their strong defensive performance in the 2nd quarter for the 3rd straight game? We’ll know at around 4:30 on Thursday.
  • Let’s hope that our players are all healthy for tomorrow’s game. Peejay was in the hospital during last game, with James and Bader being hospitalized after playing against Adamson. Ferdinand also played sick, was examined but was not admitted. If they’re not at 100%, the rookies may pick up some of their minutes.

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