Pregame Bullets: DLSU vs NU 9/10

  • Oh boy, it can’t get any more pulsating than this. Just when we all thought that the Archers’ season was practically over with last Saturday, the team got a new lease of life following UST’s loss to Adamson on Sunday. And the Tigers didn’t just lose; they lost terribly to a team that has nothing anymore reason to play for except pride and maybe make things complicated going into the homestretch.
  • The Green Archers overwhelmingly disposed of the Bulldogs in the first round and it would take a gargantuan meltdown for the team to lose this one. Even though we lost to FEU, I think the team still has the momentum to probably inflict some damage if ever they still get a chance to play beyond the eliminations.
  • The Archers must guard against complacency against NU. The Bulldogs are sure to finish in the cellar, but they might just try to salvage some pride by going out with a victory at our expense. If the Archers don’t want this to be their last game, they have to tame the Bulldogs all over again, and pray that the 2nd game ends in our favor as well.
  • The Archers are only just now beginning to realize just how good they are. They narrowly lost both games to UE and FEU, and noticeable in those games was the growing confidence of our young players. Against FEU, only the good individual play of big man Cervantes and rookie RR Garcia saved the Tams from a possible upset at the hands of the young Archers.
  • This is going to be a “win and wait” situation for all of us this Thursday. If we win our final elimination game, expect the La Salle faithful to be glued to their seats or TV sets after as we need to hope that UE defeats UST to forge a playoff for the final spot in the semis.
  • This might be the last pregame bullets for the year… then again maybe not. Whatever happens on Thursday, let us all thank the Green Archers for a great season. An1mo!
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