Pregame Bullets: DLSU vs UP 8/22

  • A 3-game losing streak is unknown territory for  the Green Archers and their followers. If that’s a difficult concept to swallow, how about not making it to the Final Four for the first time? Mind-boggling, isn’t it? With the way the team is playing now, there is a growing concern that this highly improbable scenario could now become a reality. After everything that we have seen this season, could it still get any worse?
  • Of course all is not lost. A Final Four stint is very much possible but the Archers should get their act together now and make a good push towards the end of the elimination round. Historically, the Archers have started slow but began to peak in the second round. It’s that time of season now.
  • La Salle defeated UP in their initial outing. Since then, the Fighting Maroons have beaten defending champion Ateneo and almost scored some upsets against the other powerhouse teams. In their losses, they have always been just that small bit short of victory.
  • Yes UP may be down at the basement of the standings but they’re still a dangerous team. Just like Adamson, the Green Archers will have their hands full against the perimeter players of the Maroons such as Padilla, Co, Lopez, and the 2 Reyess: Martin and Mikee. Iencidentally, both Martin and Mikee come from the ranks of the La Salle high schools.
  • This is a repeat of the battle of the crossover players: Marata and Tolentino came from UPIS, while Martin, .Mikee, and Migs came from La Salle. UP diehards call Marata and Tolentino “the lost boys”.
  • This upcoming game is critical for the team as they need to keep pace with UE and UST, both currently ahead by a game. As mentioned before, there’s no where to go for the Archers but UP .
  • Let’s hope that this Saturday’s game would be a start of something good. It’s been said before, but our 4-game streak started after an initial 2 losses to start the first round. Well, our first 2 games in the 2nd round were also losses. Will we see the start of another streak? I wouldn’t bet against it.
  • See you at the San Juan Arena on Saturday at 4pm. This will be our first game this season in this venue.

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