Pregame: Green Archers vs Falcons Round 2

With the twice-to-beat advantage already out of reach and their final four adversary still unknown until Saturday night, what will be the Green Archers’ mindset heading into their final elimination game against the Adamson Falcons? I’d expect that they will get out there and play as if this game mattered.

You want to know why La Salle will still be motivated to play hard tomorrow?

1. Because Adamson remains to be the only team the Archers have yet to beat this season. Wouldn’t it be a great accomplishment for this young team to have beaten all the other schools at least once?

2. Because with a lot of luck, these two teams might even meet in the finals. Gain a psychological advantage by beating them.

3. Because from a confidence standpoint, it is better for the Green Archers to end the eliminations on a winning note.

4. Because third place is always better than fourth.

5. Because this team plays to win always.

It was almost the same time last year when this team was playing for survival. Now they are playing for respect.

Play hard. Finish Strong.

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