Pregame: Green Archers vs Red Warriors Round 2

After a one-year absence, the Green Archers are back in familiar territory – the Final Four. Except for last year, the team has been in this post-elimination round phase since the format was adopted in 1994. Making it this far is already an achievement for this young team considering that they were not even expected to contend this season. Well now that they are in, they might us well take it up a notch and try to clinch a twice-to-beat advantage.

Don’t expect the also-ran UE Warriors to roll over and just give us the game without a fight. To be honest, they did quite well in the second round, scoring a couple of upset wins and nearly defeated the top team in the league. Unfortunately, it’s a case of too late the hero as the losses that piled up in the first round were just too much for them to bounce back in contention.

Here’s hoping that La Salle would continue to build on the momentum from their last two wins as we approach the homestretch of the eliminations. Finish strong guys!

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