The All-Decade Fashion Statement

Since we are into this “All-Decade” thing, let us look back at the uniforms worn by the Green Archers from 2000 to present.

Fantastic 4

A carryover design from the 90s, the dark green look brought much success to the team in the early 2000s. Wearing these unis, Ren Ren Ritualo led the team to 4 championships and eventually had his “number 4” jersey retired.

Go Retro!

In the 2004 season, the Archers went back to the classic look worn by past teams during the 80s and most part of the 90s. Wearing this simple and clean design, Mac Mac Cardona established himself as a certified scoring machine. JV Casio on the other hand made his presence felt in the entire basketball scene with his clutch performance in the finals.

A Little Color Tweaking

Not much of a change here except that the dark uniform featured a bit darker shade of green as compared to the previous year. Joseph Yeo and Jun Jun Cabatu led the charge during the 2005 season with these duds.

We’re Back!..along with the stripes

In their return to the UAAP after a one-year layoff, the team unveiled a new design featuring the return of side stripes. Quite similar to the 4-peat era design but the stripes this time extended down the full length of the entire uniform. In their only season wearing this, TY Tang, Cholo Villanueva and friends capped off a successful return with a championship.

Brotherhood Era

The team came up with a slick look quite different from past uniform designs. JV Casio and Maierhofer became overnight poster boys flaunting these commercialized unis.

The Present

A more radical version from the previous year, the current season uniform showcases stylish side stripes and wide shoulders. Together with a highly regarded set of rookies, Hyram Bagatsing and Bader Malabes lead the current cast of Archers with these garb.

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