The Clipboard: Will the real Green Archers finally show up against Adamson?

Before the season started, there was an overall positive feeling by the community on the Green Archers.  One week later, that optimistic sentiment turned to gloom and frustration.

Who could blame them?  They barely escaped past the Bulldogs, they surprisingly lost to the Maroons, and finally, were completely thrashed by theTams.

If you look at it, a record of 1-2 to start the season isn’t that bad. But the most disappointing aspect is really the manner of how they lost those games. We currently see a team that is over-dependent on one person, with several guys struggling to find their role in the scheme of things and with a defense that gives up 75 points per game. Clearly, it does not take a genius to see that the team is struggling to find its way early in the season.

At least these lapses are already happening now and this gives them the time to make the necessary adjustments. There are still 11 games to go in the elimination round and a lot can still happen. Besides, aren’t we all used to see the Green Archers start slow?  Remember how the 2013 championship team just turned things around after a disastrous first round performance?

If La Salle finally learns to play team-oriented basketball and step-up on their defense, they will surely win their next game tomorrow against Adamson.

So what would it take for the team to erase the stigma of their last two harrowing defeats? Honestly, a very convincing win against the Falcons will be enough to restore the fans confidence. Getting just a win won’t do.

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