Go Archers -

The Green Mind: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

By Tony L Atayde

If you are expecting me to write about the DLSU loss to San Beda, then don’t go any further.  I will not touch that with a 10 foot pole lest I take a Valium while writing about that game.  

I will not subject myself to analyzing a game that I could not make heads or tails about. I will not criticize the coaching staff because I still believe, especially based on last year’s performance that the coaching staff is capable to bring this team to the Final Four.  

I have a strong feeling that they have something up their sleeves that we don’t know aboutWhat I will write about are my insights on what this team needs to be competitive in the UAAP and what I believe the team is capable of doing.

The Good:We have a big team.  

Too bad Yutien Andrada went down because that would have been a big boost to the rotation.  A rotation of Norbert Torres, Van Opstal, Perkin and Andrada would have given us that inside presence that we so badly need.

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