The Green Mind: The Voso-TRES Show

After a strong start early in the first quarter, La Salle suddenly looked lethargic. Norbert Torres was dominant inside. He was using his bulk to post up and scored, most using the board.

UP took advantage of La Salle’s loss of fire and clamped down on defensively. UP’s Jet Manuel went on a scoring spree, including a 4 point play and 3 free throws from a 3 point shot foul. UP clogged the lanes and took away La Salle’s inside game. UP also dominated the offensive rebounds, where La Salle leads the league in. UP rallied and even took the lead.

Coach Gee began making substitutions to find the right combination. Jeron Teng started to wax hot and La Salle began to clamp down on defense. Though the Green Archers had more turnovers than UP, it did not stop Jeron Teng from scoring. He hit a 3 ponter to tie the game. He took the ball to the ring and made off balance shots. He definitely is the new King Archer.

To cap of his amazing 2nd quarter, Teng hit a buzzer beater to end the first half, giving La Salle a 41 -34 lead. Teng finished the half with 16 points, more than the entire starting 5 of UP.Norbert Torres still ended up with 10 points even if he was checked in the 2nd quarter.

UP started the 2nd half on fire both on the defensive and offensive end. They went on a 14 to 4 point run to grab a 3 point lead. La Salle again looked lethargic. Turnovers were mounting and nothing was working.

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