The View from the Armchair: Lady Spikers pushed to the limit

aby marano 03132014

There have been times when our team has taken their collective foot off the gas pedal. That could be one reason for yesterday’s tight loss. Ateneo’s a good team with a good coach, and their motivation is a match for ours. We led 12-9 in the deciding 5th, but gave the initiative back. We had championship point but failed to score the crucial one. In short, we came up a bit short.

In Game 3, they got the job done, we didn’t. No excuses. That last call wasn’t the only point or the deciding one, it was only one of 15, each of which were credited to the opponent in the 5th set.

On Saturday, it will boil down simply to who wants it more. That’s sports in its rawest form. Either we land a killer blow or the opponent gets off the mat and tries to land their own. If our players want it enough, they will take it by playing aggressively from the opening whistle, and not depend on the opponents to make errors. Every point must be earned, all attacks must be decisive, no more soft balls please. After Saturday, there is no more tomorrow. Every mistake our players will make is a gift of a point to the other side, and there is no more next game to make up.

Sounds tough? Lots of pressure? Sure. But our Lady Spikers are made of stern stuff. They may have stumbled a bit, but they’ll show up fighting on Saturday.

The road to the 4peat got a bit harder, but I think we’ll get there. Our Lady Spikers just made sure that will be a lot more interesting getting there.

Whatta finish.


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