Top 10 De La Salle Sports Moments of 2013

2013 was definitely a year in athletics that made the DLSU community proud. Filled with iconic images, historic wins and championship revelry that will always be seared in our hearts and minds, despite a few setbacks here and there, this year will always remain special for the Lasallian faithful.

Here are our top 10 sports moments that we covered during the year.

CSB Blazers

10. NCAA Heartbreak Kids

The CSB Blazers were expected to make waves at the start of NCAA Season 89. After nearly defeating 3-time defending champion San Beda on opening day, many expected the team to finally make a splash after years of futility.

As it turned out, things went downhill for the Blazers as they lost all their first five games by a margin of less than 2 points. They were able to get some wins towards the end of the first round but it wasn’t enough as more painful setbacks followed.

In a season wherein they could have contended for a Final 4 berth had endgame breaks gone went their way, the Blazers finished in 9th  place at 5-13.

Their season could be summed up as simply “Tough Luck.”

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