What are your So Good Moments? Share them and win a bucket of KFC

As we enter our 4th season of covering the games, we would like to share a list of  So Good Moments we all experienced as a group for the past years.

1. When we are at the arena cheering for our team

2. When we capture every piece of the action

3. When we passionately report and analyze the game

4. When we know that our website is widely followed here and abroad

5. When we celebrate with our team in victory or defeat

6. When we were recognized as the Readers’ Choice in the Philippine Blog Awards

7. When our photographer Ryan Ong won the UAAP Photo contest

8. When we gained a lot of new friends who share the same passion as we do

9. When our site got hacked. Yup, this shows what kind of impact we have

10.  When the players and coaches express their appreciation in what we do

11. When our team wins of course

How about you? What are your So Good Moments?  Share them at the KFC So Good Website and get a chance to win buckets of KFC.

Go to www.kfc.com.ph/sogood

For the first time in the history of the brand, KFC has aligned on a tagline that has broad appeal, simplicity of design, and ease of adaption.

So what makes KFC chicken so good?

1. Eleven secret herbs and spices

2. Original Recipe Gravy

3. Fresh Chicken delivered Daily

4. Cooked with passion by real chefs

GoArchers.com was invited to attend the press launch of KFC’s news slogan. We would like to thank KFC as well as the organizers for giving us the opportunity to be part of this momentous occasion.

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